Origin of Species, statement

For many years I have been interested in science, I have often felt compelled to incorporate science into my art practice but never could conceive of how I would approach it.  When the argument for “intelligent design” drifted into the political landscape in the early 2000’s, I began to think of a way to express how the debate was affecting me both emotionally and intellectually. 

I chose the foundation texts of evolutionary theory, Darwin’s Origin of Species.  Over the course of four years I transcribed the entire text of the Origin of Species onto several 8”x8” using brush and ink. The task of transcribing this text is intended to be a ritualistic practice for me that mirrored the zealotry of those who have embraced their beliefs so totally that they perform extreme acts or rituals, such as repetitive or violent behaviors meant to be an expression of devotion.  The final work is a large mural of blurred text which when look at from a far seems abstract, but on closer inspection the words begin to define themselves revealing Darwin’s language.

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